Here are some of the photos of improvements to various parts of the river. done over the last few weeks.

There has been
extensive tree pruning along the river for the development of fly fishing for salmon and sea trout
in particular and access to pools has been greatly enhanced with new and rebuilt steps.
There are plenty of seats along the river too. Any help would be appreciated. More information and photographs to follow.
Tight Lines.

More photos courtesy of
Jerome van Ryt.




Top of the Lower Captains
steps into top of lower captains

Steps into tail of Upper Captains
steps into tail of upper captains

Hand rail along high bank.
rail along high bank

Steps into Poulnabinny a
steps into poulnabinny A

Steps into Poulnabinny b
steps into poulnabinny B

Tree Pruning Before and After to Improve Fly-Fishing.
Pruning BeforePruning After