River Ilen Anglers’ Club


(Revised at A.G.M. 12th. February – 2009.) (Further revised at A.G.M. of 2103 = (15c & 16)
(1) The Club shall be known as the “River Ilen Anglers’ Club.”

The objectives of the Club are,

  1. A, To provide Salmon and Sea- Trout fishing for its members.
  2. B, To improve and protect the waters it controls.
  3. C, To assist the development of tourism by providing facilities for visiting anglers.
  4. D, Generally to aid in the improvement, development, and conservation of Salmon and Sea- Trout angling as a sport and recreation in Ireland.
Any changes to Club rules require a two thirds majority of members present at an Annual General Meeting or at a General Meeting specially convened for this purpose provided;(i) -There are at least 15 (fifteen) members present including 5 (five) who are either
Officers, or committee members. (ii) -That seven days notice in writing has been served on members.
The Annual General Meeting shall be held in the month of January or February and the quorum for the Annual General Meeting shall be 15 (fifteen) members. Seven days notice for this meeting shall be served on members.
The affairs of the Club shall be managed by a Committee consisting of, a Chairman, Vice Chairman, Honorary Secretary, Honorary Treasurer and at least five (5) other Committee members. The Officers and Committee shall be elected annually at the Annual General Meeting. A President and Vice-President may also be elected at the Annual General Meeting. A recording Secretary may also be elected at the Annual General Meeting and would be responsible for recording the minutes of meetings.
The Committee also has the power to co-opt additional members during its term of office and to set up sub-committees.
The Chairman shall preside at meetings. However, in his absence, the Vice-Chairman shall preside and in the absence of both, a member of the Committee shall be elected to chair the meeting. The Chairman shall have a vote and in the event of a tie, he shall have the casting vote.
Except in the case of a change to rules, any matter under discussion shall be settled by a simple majority of those present.
The responsibilities of the Honorary Secretary includes informing the members of meetings, keeping a register of members, preparing an agenda for meetings, conducting the club’s day to day business and making an annual report to the Annual General Meeting.
The responsibilities of the Honorary Treasurer include keeping an account of income and expenditure, checking income from Club subscriptions and Club tickets, making deposits and withdrawals from the Club’s bank account and submitting a statement of account to the Annual General Meeting. The Club’s auditor shall have audited the statement to the Annual General Meeting.
A club auditor shall be appointed at the Annual General Meeting. (12)
All items of expenditure shall be sanctioned by the Committee and all withdrawals from
the Club’s bank account shall be signed by the Hon. Treasurer and one other officer.
A special or Extraordinary General Meeting may be called at any time (a) by the Committee having served seven days notice or (b) upon a requisition, in writing, signed by at least ten (10) members of the Club, addressed to the Hon. Secretary and stating the object of the proposed meeting. Upon receipt of such requisition, the Committee shall forthwith proceed to convene a General Meeting. Ten (10) members form a quorum of such a meeting. Seven days notice specifying the place, date, hour and object of the meeting shall be given to the members. Such general meetings shall be summoned by circular addressed to each member. If the Committee do not proceed to convene such a meeting within twenty one (21) days from the date of the requisition, the requisitioners or any other ten (10) members may convene a General Meeting, but such meetings may not discuss ant business or vote on any question other than that specified in the requisition to Honorary Secretary.
Voting at meetings shall be by a show of hands unless the Chairman or a majority of members present decide that a secret ballot is necessary.
Membership shall consist of the following categories:
(a) Full adult members with voting rights;
(b) Full junior members, under eighteen (18), with voting rights;
(c) Provisional members, both adult and junior, with no voting rights, which defines those who, on applying for full membership, and having been provisionally granted same, are deemed provisional members for the period of one year
starting from the date of issue of their membership card.
(d) Temporary members, both adult and junior, with no voting rights, which includes holders of day, weekly and other period tickets which the Club may offer at any one time;
(e) Honorary members, who, by reason of, for example, long membership, and, or having been of particular assistance to the Club, to be worthy of being granted honorary membership. The Committee shall have the right, at its absolute discretion, to grant honorary membership to such person’s, as it deems worthy of such membership. The Committee shall also have the right to cancel honorary membership if it sees fit.
Subject to Club rules, it is the policy of the Club to offer full membership to local residents from within the River Ilen catchment area of West Cork by way of priority. But, in addition to this, the Committee may, at its absolute discretion, also offer full membership to individuals from outside this area.
All application for full and provisional membership (adult and junior) must be made in writing to the Committee, and the decision shall be formally recorded in the minutes.
Subscription rates for all categories shall be fixed at the Annual General Meeting or at a Special General Meeting.
Regulations regarding the opening or closing of the Salmon and Sea-trout rod angling season on the waters controlled by the Club, permitted methods of angling and all other regulations affecting angling on Club waters shall be laid down at the Annual General Meeting or at a Special General Meeting.
Full Club membership is renewed each year by the payment of the Club subscription (which includes insurance cover), which falls due on the first day of the Salmon or sea-trout angling season. Only when membership has been renewed by payment of the required subscription and a current membership card has been issued is there an entitlement to fish on Club waters, to participate in Club activities and to enjoy the benefits of Club membership.
The Committee shall have the power to refuse applications for membership (all categories) and also to limit the number of members (all categories) current at any one time.
The Committee, if they so desire, may accept an applicant as a provisional member for a period of one year and need not necessarily appoint such a provisional member as a full member at any future date.
Any full member acting contrary to the Rules and Regulations of the Club or involved in improper conduct as a Club member in acquiring or attempting to acquire fishing rights on waters held by the Club may be admonished, suspended or expelled from membership by the Committee. Before the Committee takes any such action against a full member, the Secretary shall summon a meeting of the Committee to investigate such a breach of Rule(s) or good conduct and shall send to the full member against whom the complaint has been made, at least three (3) days before the holding of such a meeting, a notice in writing, setting forth the nature of the complaint, and the name(s) of the person or persons making the complaint and the date, place and hour for which the meeting has been called and shall further intimate in such notice that the full member is entitled either to attend before the Committee in person or to submit in time for such meeting a written answer to such complaint. The decision of the Committee shall be binding and final.
The Committee has the power to cancel the permit of any temporary or provisional member found guilty by the Committee of improper conduct or of acting contrary to the Rules and Regulations of the Club.
Any member expelled or suspended by the Committee, or any member resigning membership shall not be entitled to refund in whole or in part of any money paid for membership.
Any temporary or provisional permit holder whose permit has been cancelled by the Committee shall not be entitled to refund in whole or in part to any money paid for the permit.
The Committee shall have the power, from time to time, to close or restrict any fishing, on any part or parts of the Club’s waters, for such periods as it may consider appropriate, if such action is necessary in the interest of the Club or the river.