Just to show that everybody is catching here.

Phil O'Sullivan caught those two 12lbs fish Sunday the 11th.
One of them has half the tail bitten off on its way into the river by a seal.


And another fish yesterday evening for Molly Gregory Long.

molly gregory long
And the one to get all anglers out fishing was,
11 year old Jamie Gregory Long (one of our juvenile members) with two superb fresh fish he caught with his dad this evening, weighing 14lbs and 9lbs. He'll have some story to tell at school!.
Well Done.

A recent visitor on a day ticket caught this fresh 5lb fish.
11th June
Big flood yesterday and the river was today in the most parts to high for good fly fishing. So I decided to fish this afternoon the upper river. Rewarded with two decent fish of 30 and 31 inch from the same spot 1f642:-), c&r of course
Lachs 77 cmLachs 75 cmLachs 75 cm 1

9th June
This fat and strong cock fish took my fly this evening .... Life is good ... Salmon fishing is an addiction! c&r of course
7th June

Have had a funny and exiting evening: This fresh run eight pounder took a very small fly. After some long runs he escaped under a big branch in the water and hang tightly.
So I had to take a bath in deep water to bring the branch with the fish to the shore, GoPro on! I had to kill the fish because he was totally finished and I was soaked to the bone

A Bath with the Salmon
3rd June
Another day and another fish. River high again after heavy rain and partly coloured.
Not perfect for fly fishing. Anyway, I had the luck to catch another "springer" this evening, a cock fish of 35 inch. c&r, find the girls :-)

FB_IMG_1496694808173 Third
1&2 June
Hans Eckhardt Wagner Arrived yesterday night in Ireland. Very low water. Fortunately rainy today with rising water. So I had a lot of luck to catch this beauty of 31 inch, c&r.

Lachs 78 cm 2

sometimes salmon fishing is so easy. 2 fresh fish of 35 and 29 inch took my fly this morning. Perfect flywater 1f642:-), both fish unharmed released ...

Lachs 85 cm 1
Lachs 72 cm

18th May 2017
After coming back from Skibbereen I pulled over at Poolnabinna for a cast,
with the brand new reel that I got myself with the 50 euro voucher (won in the casting competition during the members day)  from Halfway tackle shop.
On my second cast I hooked this nice 7 lbs fish on the flying C.
Jim Collins had just arrived to the pool and took the picture.


20 minutes later I was called for assistence by Jim Collins who was fishing on the other side of the pool to land this 10lbs beauty.


First fish of the year was taken by Mr
Jerome Van Rijt

The first salmon of the season was caught on the evening of (19th march) on club waters.
The fish was caught by club treasurer Jerome Van Ryt on a flying C and weighed in at 13lb / 5.9Kgs( pictures attached), more fish were seen running the last couple of days, congrats to Jerome!