We today find that there has been a Big fish kill on a 2 kilometre stretch of the River Ilen river below the town centre.
Officers estimate that there were around 2,000 fish mortalities across several species including Salmon, Sea Trout, eel and flounder.
Upon inspection up to 60 adult Salmon and hundreds of Trout were found dead by officers.
These numbers are most likely a lot higher giving the difficulty in locating dead fish in an estuary taking tides etc into consideration which would disperse fish.
The cause of the fish kill is a suspected unfiltered pollutant released into the tidal part of the river close to the town which is being investigated by IFI.

The committee and all club anglers wist to express their utter disappointment at this incident. If there is anybody
who saw or knows who perpetrated this awfu killing of so many beautiful fish please contact the members of the club in strictest confidence or
Ring the
Inland Fisheries Ireland’s confidential hotline number on 1890 34 74 24, which is open 24 hours a day.