Small numbers of salmon showing signs of bleeding and skin ulceration as they return to Irish rivers Inland Fisheries Ireland appeals to anglers and fishery owners to report incidences of affected salmon

Tuesday, 18th of June 2019: A small number of salmon are returning to Irish rivers with signs of bleeding and skin ulceration, according to Inland Fisheries Ireland. It follows reports of salmon also returning to Norway and Scotland with a red rash skin disease in recent months. Anglers and fishery owners are asked to report incidences of salmon with rash like symptoms to Inland Fisheries Ireland to help determine the scale of the problem nationally. Salmon first began appearing in Irish rivers with these symptoms in early June and by mid-June, there were reports of fish with ulceration in at least six rivers, both on the east and west coast of Ireland. The salmon who are affected show signs of bleeding, ulceration and haemorrhaging mainly along the area on the belly of the fish and on the head and the tail. Secondary fungal infection normally sets in and may result in death of the salmon.