This page is for Any fish caught this year.

Another Fish caught by Amy Kennedy over the weekend.
IMG_7721 (2)
Her video of the catch.

Some fish caught by Amy Kennedy and her Dad Sidney on Sunday 26th including a Salmon of 5 Lb and some small Brown Trout and A Sea-Trout. Included is a Link to Her Youtube Page.

A family caught these 3 Salmon on 9th July . A 10lb, a 9lb and a 6lb fresh fish. All are Members of the River Ilen Anglers Club.
Derick Long 3 Salmon

Two club members caught these three 9lb and 4lb Salmon on the 21st June and they returned 4 others up to 10lb
21 St June

10lb Sea Liced Salmon caught on the 23 of June by Club member 
23rd June b23rd June a

9lb salmon caught on the 23rd
23rd 9Lb June

10lb Salmon caught on the 23rd by club member
23rd June 10 Lb

5lb Grilse caught on the 28th of June
5lb Grilse 28 June

4lb Sea trout caught and returned by club member on the 21st June
Seatrout 4Lb 21 St June

Please forward any photos or videos of fish caught to the following address,

Any photos showing minors have to include permission from parents to upload photos to
Please give details of where and how there were caught. Thanks